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Anchorage Sweeping and Pavement Cleaning

As part of its complete list of pavement maintenance services, Straightline is one of the top providers of sweeping for Anchorage parking lots, construction sites and roadways. For beautification of Anchorage parking lots, construction sites and roadways, trust Straightline for sweeping services that remove dust, dirt, gravel, leaves, trash and other debris.

Straightline operates Schwartz regenerative air sweepers with whisper wheel technology for reduced noise out-put. Our sweepers are also equipped with an on board dust suppression system as well as auxiliary pickup tubes to remove piles of debris.

Sweeping services are available for spring clean-up, routine maintenance and the occasional sprucing up of your property. The benefits of routine sweeping are primarily the upkeep of your property’s appearance and the reduction in damage caused by moisture buildup caused by debris buildup.

Regular sweeping improves image of Anchorage parking lots

A business' outside parking area is where Anchorage customers get their "first impression". Keeping the parking area clean is the best opportunity a business has to make sure that "first impression" is a favorable one.

Straightline provides professional, dependable service for Anchorage business' to enable business owners to provide a cleaning and welcoming location.

The professionalism of the Anchorage business community at large is a composite of the individual images projected by each of the businesses within it.

Sand, dirt and other debris are abrasive materials. The weight of vehicles driving across this material will wear away sealcoating and striping and increase the frequency for these services. superior products.

Contact Straightline for details about both initial spring cleanup and regular parking lot sweeping and how it can enhance your business’ appearance.

If you would like to know more about us or have any questions about our sweeping services, please give us a call or send us an email. We can’t wait to hear from you!