Specializing in Street Sweeping, Sealcoating and Pavement Marking

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Sweeping and Pavement Cleaning

As part of its complete list of pavement maintenance services, Straightline is one of the top providers of sweeping for Anchorage parking lots, construction sites and roadways. For beautification of Anchorage parking lots, construction sites and roadways, trust Straightline for sweeping services that remove dust, dirt, gravel, leaves, trash and other debris.

Crack Sealing / Pothole Repair

Seasonal temperature fluctuations and other hazardous conditions can wreak havoc on Anchorage asphalt. Crack sealing and pothole repair services should be done regularly to keep water from the subsurface.


Straightline Asphalt sealcoating services can restore the original blacktop shine to any asphalt surface. Our advanced, high quality products not only enhance the appearance of an Anchorage driveway, roadway, parking lot; Straightline’s superior sealcoating techniques actually prolong the life of your investment and helps prevent additional asphalt failure and deterioration.

Pavement Marking

Professional line striping and pavement marking is critical for the safety and efficiency of any business. Anchorage residents rely on Straightline for their commitment to safety and accuracy. Among its many services as a respected contractor, Straightline understands the importance and responsibility involved with providing an accurate and trustworthy pavement marking service.

Power Washing

Straightline’s power washing services include hot water, high pressure steam cleaning of sidewalks, patios, building walls as well as shopping carts and food racks.

Vehicle and equipment cleaning can be performed at the customers Anchorage location.

If you would like to know more about us or have any questions about our paving services, please give us a call or send us an email. We can’t wait to hear from you!