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Anchorage pothole repair and crack sealing

Experienced Anchorage crack sealing and pothole repair

Seasonal temperature fluctuations and other hazardous conditions can wreak havoc on Anchorage parking lots and roads. As a result, crack sealing and pothole repair services are regularly required to restore local parking lots and thoroughfares and keep pedestrian walkways safe.

Whether on public or private property, asphalt failure that results in potholes commonly occurs when water seeps into the pavement through unsealed cracks. Cold and shifting weather conditions then freezes the trapped water - expanding the pavement. These cracks eventually develop into potholes as temperatures rise and pose a threat to motorists, their vehicles, and pedestrians. Straightline restores roadways or residential settings using advanced paving methods that eliminate cracks before they endanger road safety.

Advanced asphalt crackseal and pothole repair products

Through the use of advanced patching materials, pothole problems can be eliminated during any season.

Although moderate weather is best for patching potholes, Straightline workers provide immediate emergency temporary pothole repair services. We can also provide referrals to quality paving contractors for permanent repair when weather permits. Recognized for its rapid response time and competent pothole repair and cracksealing, Anchorage commercial and residential clients rely on Straightline to provide solutions for:

  • Cracks and potholes due to water infiltration and expansion
  • Asphalt and pavement deterioration

For immediate temporary pothole repair and crack sealing preventive measures, contact Straightline road repair crews at (907) 349-0529

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